Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forest Guardian

Finished at last! My hand hurts. Gotta learn to hold that stylus
a little looser. Probably about... 14 - 16 hours when it was all
said and done. Now time to go home and eat!

Hey all! This is a WIP of a character I have been working on in
my spare time. The only work I've had recently was
environment pieces, so I thought I'd buff up my portfolio with
more characters. I forgot how much I enjoyed them! This is probably
about 7 or 8 hours in, I'd guess.


  1. That is one solid fucking painting Brandt! Way to put the time in for a sick pay out!

  2. I really like the style you painted her in, very clean. Overall its a cool character, the pose is nice and I like her clothing =D


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